Tuesday, February 5

Frock Me! With Pearl Lowe vintage...


Alice here, guesting on Samaya's blog today!.  

Samaya is busy getting ready for the rest of the February fairs and shows, I'm just clocking in to let you know about the Frock Me! vintage fair at the end of this month in London, where Samaya will be selling another selection of vintage dresses from Pearl Lowe’s private collection.  

The pieces for sale will include silk chiffon florals from the 1930’s and gorgeous 1940’s tea dresses.  Prices will start at £125.

Alongside Pearl’s private collection Samaya will also be selling her own exclusive vintage couture & design focused pieces.

Samaya will be at Chelsea Town Hall on February 24th from 11am - 5.30pm and as usual you can email Samaya for your free tickets samayaling@gmail.com

See you there! x

Thursday, January 31

Oh Yes January Is Over!

Happy 2013 everyone!  Phew, made it through another January without a coat. Its been OK as far as January's go, had a fairly quiet Hammersmith (snow snow) a full on sledging day (chased by horrid teenagers, quite embarrassing, ran around a tree, took a snowball to the face), and then had the most fun day out at Battersea Decorative Fair. I'm feeling very enthusiastic about 2013 - I have some really good work on and cannot wait for the fairs to start up again....other brilliant news to share with you later in the week! For now:

Coming up in February 2013:
Sunday 17th: The London Vintage Fashion Fair, Hammersmith Town Hall, 10 am - 5 pm
Sunday 24th: Frock Me Vintage Fair, Chelsea Town Hall, Kings Road, 11 am - 5-30 pm

I've collected some of the best 1920s & 30s dresses & headdresses I have ever seen - do email me if you'd like free tickets to any of the above vintage fairs - come and have a look - and some of you may have met the lovely Kim Lundberg on my stand over the last year or so - she has a really good eye for vintage pieces, has started an Etsy store and will be at Hammersmith in March, have a peek at her online shop out if you have time: http://www.etsy.com/shop/KLPArchive

Also! Corinna (http://www.hobbs-style.co.uk/) is The Perfect Hairdresser; today she cut my hair super short - I LOVE IT! I can take her images of hair cuts I like and she can do them - and even make them better - I chose this look from Dries Van Noten (http://www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/slideshow/S2013RTW-DVNOTEN/#7).

More soon, Love Samaya X

Tuesday, December 4

Come & Party at the Last Vintage Fair of 2012!

I'm actually feeling quite 'December' here, lots of red candles burning, I am wearing a wooly hat constantly (need a hair cut) and there are angel wings everywhere...I bought them to sell but realized they were not vintage so I am keeping them! I have seven....5 small to go over wine bottles or on candle sticks and 2 huge ones for on the wall....find them here: http://www.velvetribbon.co.uk/product/rustic-angel-wings-decoration
Image of Rustic Angel Wings 
 But! still no blimmin winter coat...I did find two at a Vintage Fair last month, one was a crazy 1960s black and white affair that ended up suiting my mum so much I gave it to her and the other, a black 1940s boucle, turns out to have serious moth damage so I will be returning it...I may have to buy a new new coat, perhaps Celine...perhaps I will wait for the sales! I'll keep wearing my millions of layers for now. This week I'm off up north and then deep down south on buying trips, packing and sending boxes full of antique trim to New York and bags full of dresses to Somerset and London as well as trying to get ready for The Last Vintage Fair of 2012! This Sunday 9th December at Hammersmith Town Hall - Louise (on the stand next to me) and Robert and I are having a Christmas Party on our stands, there will be lots of prosecco and festive cheer so do stop and have a glass with us! And as usual do email me if you would like free tickets xxx Love Samaya

Thursday, November 22

Last Vintage Fairs of 2012 & Back by family demands!

I hereby apologize for the lack of new posts in the last few months! Its been so wonderfully busy here (I've been wishing that I had someone to run the website and blog) There simple are not enough days in the week for all I need to do: off on buying trips, preparing for fairs, writing for VintagExplorer, doing appointments with designers (I have been in New York again - having brilliant meetings with New York Vintage & Ralph Lauren, ooh and I shared a stand with David at the Manhattan show!). I will be back to full online selling and reporting mode in the New Year 2013 - in the meantime do come to the last vintage fashion fairs of 2012! I will be restocking the website with headdresses, cocktail dresses, exquisite jackets and little sequin capes...and a new venture too.... sshh!

Vintage Fairs not to miss:
December 2nd @ Frock Me, Chelsea Town Hall, Kings Rd, London
December 9th @ The London Vintage Fair, Hammersmith Town Hall, Kings St, London

A full list of the vintage fairs for spring 2013 can be found here:

You can also follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/SamayaVintage

Have a wonderful winter everyone. X Love Samaya

Monday, September 17

Autumn Fairs Not to be Missed...

Its going to be a crazy busy Autumn run of fairs! There is the Frock Me Extravaganza on the 30th  of September (its being held in Kensington Town Hall, London W8) there will be three floors with over 110 vintage stands - dealers coming from all over the world - including NYC and Paris...and me! Then onto to October...I am off to NYC for a week buying from the 8th Then there is Hammersmith Vintage Fair on the 14th and then Frock me again (back in Chelsea town hall) on the 28th....with all sorts of appointments and buying trips in between. I'm back to running 3 miles today (agony & calves of steel), yoga tomorrow (Bob with the too short shorts) and trying to eat healthily again so I stay on top form...Vitamin C etc etc. I even decided last night to nominate myself as the driver to parties / nights out for the next few weeks...how long that will last I don't know. November is not quite so busy, Hammersmith vintage fair on the 11th...not sure about December and I don't think it should be mentioned for at least 2 more months...look out for changes to the website soon....Love Samaya XX

Wednesday, September 5

Wish list for Autumn...

I am alone! Just a short blog today as I have a heap of stuff to do.....I am in London on Sunday 9th for Hammersmith vintage fair - preparing today! do email me for free tickets, its the biggest vintage fashion fair of the year in the UK. After the long break (last one was June 17th!!) everyone has new (old) pieces to show and the designers all come from Europe and the US...I cannot wait! My bank account has taken a bashing this summer....so, my current wish list: Red Chloe Trousers, Black zip detail Celine Trousers, J-Brand Leather trousers, Vintage Chanel black jacket, vintage 1930s winter coat (its been 4 years, must not wear the same 'temporary' puffa one again), Black Chloe boots (short) even though I have almost the same pair by Todds...Any knits from JW (new diffusion at TopShop), huge soft leather clutch bag from Angel Jackson....(http://www.angeljackson.com/collections/aw_2012_13-clutches/products/amaro-luxe-foldover-clutch-abstract-black)
Um, I'm sure there is more but can't think right now. I have several pieces from a Chloe designer's archive to sell on Sunday - so excited about this - there are Philo Chloe pieces, huge knits, amazing belts and some mad Chanel & Lanvin pieces too....I think you had better get there early! X
Love Samaya xxxx

Monday, August 27

Missed trains & bad oufits...

On Saturday I was supposed to go to Twinwood Festival (http://www.twinwoodevents.com/). I wanted to write an article for VintagExlorer (http://www.vintagexplorer.co.uk/), have a good look at the stands (with a view to doing a stand next year) and generally have a wonderful day. I booked my train tickets weeks ago in a rush - noticed I had to change at Paddington, but did not notice until the Friday night (was due to go on Saturday) that I had to get to St Pancras in a very short time as well....huffing and puffing I looked at the weather forecast: torrential rain and thunder storms. Great. Next I planned my outfit...Rob helped me...remembering I was going to get wet I came up with the following: (no photos available sadly). Dark green wool knee length trousers (my Nan's), long thick beige wool socks (my Grampa's), white shirt (too big), Ralph Lauren shooting sweater (leather shoulder patch for my gun), massive Barbour coat (Rob's, almost down to my knees and rolled up sleeves), topped with a flat tweed cap - also Rob's, (I have very short hair now, another story) and the only suitable footwear: 1940s German army walking boots (that make my feet look a size 10 UK). I staggered (heavy clothing / itchy wool) into the living room to show Robert the end result, his first words, after a badly stifled laugh: "Well, you look like a disgruntled lesbian".   By the time the alarm went off at 5 am on the Saturday morning I'd had a horrid headache (for 3 days), my son asking me not to go off (I had just been to London for two days) and a deep dread at the long complicated journey in such a ridiculous outfit. Needless to say, I did not go. The good news is that I have plenty to write about anyway if VE ask me (Sorry again Karyn!) just time needed to do so, and there are tons more events coming up to investigate and buy at. That's all for now - off to have a swim xxx Love Samaya x (image styled by Ruined Lou (http://www.ruinedlou.com/), using my vintage pieces)

Sunday, July 15

Off We Go On Holiday!

I am packing, sorting out keys for house sitter, buying cat food, mopping the floors and ironing my linen dresses ready to leave tomorrow lunch time! Turkey's weather forecast is PERFECT. Its been so busy - I cannot wait to lie down in the sun and read...my legs are ready...just still have this daft haircut - still have not found anyone I trust to sort it out!! If anyone knows a good hairdressers in Bristol, Bath or London please let me know! someone good with short and straight hair....new nickname at home is "Father Nigel". A slightly priesty look, not good. When we get back its straight to WOMAD music festival with lots of friends & family and then August is looking good - if the weather is rubbish we are going to jump on an easyjet flight to see friends in Spain and / or France....just a few days work dotted about til the next Frock Me & Hammersmith vintage fairs! (9th September). Love & happy summer! Samaya X

Friday, June 29

Long, long time no blogging! I started 'tweeting', (follow me here! https://twitter.com/samayavintage) and I got very carried away with it for while, then someone hacked my account and started sending horrible messages to all my followers so since then I have been a bit distant. On Monday I'm off to London for a fun day out - meeting Tiffany for lunch, then we're off to Masterpiece 2012 to stroke chanderliers & will probably get told off (again) for sitting in million pound chairs...later in the afternoon I am off to the preview of Hampton Court Flower Show - my Friend Elena is doing a stand for her husband - showing their exquisite grasses that take about 8 years to grow - I have wanted to go to this event for years - when I run out of vintage steam I plan to be a gardener. June so far has been back to back London fairs - brilliant but I'm quite tired now - I am such a wuss for early starts. I have started collecting beautiful pieces for September the 9th already! (did a buying trip to Wales on Tuesday - found some incredible 1950s prints, 1930s Hawaiian shirts, a stunning cream sequin & silk tulle cocktail dress from the late 1930s.) We're off to Turkey for a luxury package holiday on the 16th of July! SO excited - and when we get back its straight to WOMAD festival - then lots more camping with friends and maybe to the south of France in August....There are talks of an exclusive vintage fashion fair in Paris this Autumn, just 10 top dealers (maybe me included) and its to be held in the same area & at the same time as Paris Fashion Week - could be amazing...more details when I have them. David, the curator of the Manhattan Vintage Show, was at Hammersmith this month looking for 1960s pieces - he is now putting on a vintage menswear fair (in NYC) on the 9th & 10th of November...as well as the Manhattan Vintage Show on the 12th & 13th of October.  More soon - have a wonderful summer! Love Samaya X

Wednesday, May 23

My Mind Is Still In Istanbul!

Well, I could not blog immediately when I got home - I was totally blown away by Istanbul!. Not just by the incredible architecture, the 7 hills (more like mountains), the beautiful delicious food, (best restaurant ever on an island: http://www.istanbulview.com/suada/) the views across the Bosporus or the people  - but one person made it so special: Tiffany! (we miss you lovely lady). We have never been treated so wonderfully (apart from maybe by our parents when we were children), Tiffany took us everywhere - even to Asia! We went clubbing at Reina - a huge nightclub with views to the bridge over the Bosporus, (http://reina.com.tr/), shopping for hours...(in the most amazing Grand Bazaar), eating, walking, sightseeing and we saw a side of Istanbul that perhaps tourists don't all get to experience - the hospitality and warmth of the people - my best parts of the trip were actually when we were on Tiffany's balcony drinking tea and talking talking talking.... met Nihal too (Tiff's sister) and she taught me to make a wonderful tea that gets rid of water retention...great for swollen feet after flying - gosh my little toes were like mini swiss rolls encased in their Celine sandals...poor things. Ah, now planning a trip somewhere with all the kids for half term! This Sunday just gone was Hammersmith Vintage Fair, I finally took my punk t-shirts and guess what? They sold (the whole collection) before 9 am! My friend from Strut is opening a menswear shop (in Richmond - here is their blog: http://strutbroadway.blogspot.co.uk/) called 'Strut Man' and the iconic t-shirts will definitely make the opening night one to talk about. Very exciteing website things about to happen! I am having a brunch meeting with Pearl (Lowe) on Friday to go over listing her dresses on my website and linking our blogs....I will put a link here asap for the new Pearl Lowe blog..& ooh!  I hope to have some Angel Jackson bags for sale too! Katie is here right now so I better go and get the kettle on for meeting (love meetings in my garden!)

Thursday, May 3

Rain Wear & Istanbul....

I have the worst wardrobe for wet weather - an old lady navy mac (with buttons missing) and some weird German walking boots...I don't like wering my Hunters now they are considered 'chavvie' by my son...I think my clothes and I are in denial that rain exists. I aim to shop for: Amazingly stylish rain proof jacket, perhaps with a hood, some Frye boots and some waterproof mascara...and whilst looking I found this website! It sells (only) vintage rain wear! What an excellent idea...http://www.suziehigh.co.uk/pvc-coat-ultra-glossy--shiny-black-vinyl-w-hood--belt-20-p.asp
This PVC number is tempting but think I may look like a kinky Darth Vader in it - if it were short it would work! The hunt is on. Oooh! I wrote a commentary piece for a fashion shoot by Fault Magazine (http://fault-magazine.com/) last night - it was such fun and so easy to get inspired - the images were beautiful. I will add a link as soon as its online.....count down to Istanbul....7 days to go - I tried to get my son to come with me (after missing him really badly in New York) he said 'no way' - he hates fairs, and I (honestly) have hardly made him come to any through his life. So, off I go again...its only 3 nights this time - and I am parking my own car at the long stay at the airport this time - on my return from New York I was reduced to tears (real jet lagged sobs) by National Express and I will never ever try that again. I cannot wait to see the antique fairs in Turkey! I am going to find incredible neck pieces, old textiles and perhaps a copper basin for the little loo upstairs...there is a Turkish restaurant in Bath that has the cutest bathroom with a round copper bowl, all engraved, for a hand basin....would be perfect in a bedroom too. Frock Me was brilliant on Sunday - Matthew (the organizer) was super excited as his new Cafe opened this week in Brighton! The Blackbird, I can't wait to visit - the cafe he does at Frock Me is amazing and that is only a pop up....http://www.blackbirdtearooms.com. Matthew asked me:  "find me a tweed suit and shoes - now!" so off I went and he is wearing it today! Love a "find me something to wear" quest! Love Samaya X

Thursday, April 19


Short and sweet today - its amazing here again - Ralph Lauren offices yesterday, such a beautiful place and good good meetings, today we see Rag & Bone! Full story later as have to go get packed to move rooms, cold showers in our current one xxx hum, review this hotel? Never stay here even if you're desperate! Love Samaya xxx

Saturday, April 14

New York New York!

Big gap in blogs! Easter hols have been long and busy and a lot of fun xx Just slightly over excited here, packed already (not leaving til Tuesday) and have even left a 'boy' menu and phone number list for my mum on the notice board....and instructions for Le Chat. My friend Rajaa sent me a text today, she is French and used to make me suffer by texting in French, but not anymore!! thank goodness for google translate, I even sent her a full on French reply:
Je suis maintenant couramment en français, la bénédiction! I was on the TV on Tuesday - so funny, I slid down with terror in my chair as I heard my voice, my face looked ok - I did seem to dance about in the beginning - the camera man had showed me how to stand and I sort of jumped into position (gracefully of course). Here is the link:
Our hotel in NYC is not looking great but we plan to not be in the room much at all - just found out they don't do 'breakfast' either (as well as having bad reviews - note to stop rush bookings Samaya). VintagExplore Magazine have asked me to write a festival special for the June issue - that should be easy - I used to be the festival kid...and I love how people dress for festivals - what ever the weather and even if not in vintage...I am to be the 'adult' at WOMAD this year for Ella (age 15) - she is not keen on camping with me and my friends but I will convince her to be at least within yelling distance. PAUSE. Just went to investigate smoke coming out of the kitchen - it was my grilled salmon and vegetables...not edible. Dukan still going well - ish - I run a lot (3 miles without stopping!) and have the odd treat...next blog will be from NYC...do excuse the slight nudity in this amazing image - its my crazy vintage Miao twisted spiral neckpiece (http://www.etsy.com/listing/93013737/huge-chinese-tribal-art-neck-piece) styled by Ruined Lou: http://www.ruinedlou.com/ xx Love Samaya XXX

Monday, March 12

Chocolate Downfall

Well, I have been on this Dukan diet for 3 months now and I have lost a stone - I feel much much better and am into my jeans of 3 years ago...but today there is a huge box of chocolates in the kitchen, left over from my sons 10th birthday (on Saturday just gone - amazing day!) and I have been munching them!! oh what shall I tell Robert when he gets home? The cat ate them? I had pancakes last week and fish and chips the week before....so many temptations everywhere. There has been so much going on here.....I went to Scotland on the 29th of February to help my Mum and Auntie...next I booked my trip to New York! all sorted, visa, hotel, flights, appointments etc! Roll on mid April....i am there for 5 whole days! I cannot wait - I have appointments with a few amazing designers and with the super chic New York Vintage store...and I'm hoping to do some buying too. Last Thursday I went to the Bath Decorative Fair - it was absolutely fantastic, loads more fun than Battersea fair (which was beautiful but rather stiff and had a lack of atmosphere) and much cheaper - I did not buy anything as the chair I wanted had sold...still gutted now about it - it was AMAZING. I met some lovely dealers - these people had the most interesting pieces I'd ever seen, including old animals from antique fair ground rides: www.doeandhope.com - have a peek at their website! More soon xx Love Samaya

Thursday, February 23

Dates coming up!

Well, perhaps I don't love Etsy as much as I thought. Firstly, I keep buying weird things for myself on there, then it seems you get a lot of hits when you first load something up but as soon as the listing is a day or more old you are way back on the pages....hum. Hammersmith was excellent last week - lots of designers over for Fashion Week and some amazing looking new stands too - the good thing about it being such a large fair is that someone usually has to cancel their stand and new sellers can get a last minute space...(next Hammersmith is the 18th March) and if they have lovely pieces they will usually be invited back...I always love to see totally new sellers with true vintage....I don't get to look around until late in the afternoon - and this time I found myself trying on another jumpsuit - a gold silk 1980s one - I looked tres 'Sammy Thatcher' in it somehow, so did not buy it....people noticed I had lost weight - some said I looked great, but one person said "you've lost your sparkle" thanks! Perhaps my sparkle was lacking due to 2 nights partying hard for my birthday - I did look a bit red round the eyes. We had a brilliant night out on the Friday 17th - Bristol made me proud, great food, really nice bars and you can walk everywhere from where I live. I have some seriously exciting travel coming up in the next few months- first to Scotland next week, to help my mum and auntie (& have a little explore of the antique places)...then to my favourite New York in April! (and hopefully in June as well for Lisa Kirks's wedding!) It looks like I may have a stand at the Manhattan Vintage Fair (20 - 21st April) which will be INCREDIBLE! but this all needs confirming...then off to Istanbul in May to stay with the amazing Tiffany, in her house near the sea...and explore the markets and find some old textiles...I love, love, love Turkish food so this is going to be a real treat - they have a suspension bridge like us here in Bristol - I cannot wait to explore. Then, just for fun, two of my loveliest friends Amy & Joey and me are off to some weird city in early May (Amy could not remember its name when we just spoke on the phone so I am really trusting them here) and I have of course agreed to go along. I think it may be in Croatia...Amy thinks the name sounded a bit like 'Dorkin'. I will of course see if there are any vintage shops in this phantom city...Love Samaya X

Wednesday, February 15

I Love Etsy

I have already had an order and the shops only been open for 24 hours! Such a great day today overall today - my little Rob had 3 mates over for the day...we have been trampolining, basket ball at the park, lashings of cheese on toast...egg sandwiches...ice-cream..then had to pop somewhere in the car and little Rob was sick on the back seat...one of his little friends (also in the back, poor love) said to me as I got the tissues out: "That's the only bad thing about being a mum, clearing up sick". I had to laugh. 9 year old boys are the best company in the world. Also today a friend invited me to her wedding in New York! in June! Wow, get saving Samaya xx Then Louise (ruinedlou) sent me an image from a shoot she did with my sequin 1930s showgirl leotard...here it is! I absolutely love it. xx Easter has come early!

Photographer: filipk (http://www.filipk.net/) Stylist: Louise Foley (http://www.ruinedlou.com/)

Tuesday, February 14

My New Shop - Etsy!

I have loved Etsy for a while now and the vintage pieces I see are getting better and better - so I thought I would join and have an Etsy shop of my own...let me know what you think?!

Wednesday, February 8

Hair Cut & Frock Me!

Image of Vintage 1970s Ossie Clark Sleeveless Maxi Dress
I just moved domain names all on my own! It was quite sad closing the old website down but it had to go....luckily I have all the images for future use....So, getting ready for Frock Me (at Chelsea Town Hall, Kings Road, this Sunday from 11am) has been crazy, tons of new stock and a whole rail of 'just in' Pearl Lowe vintage dresses (from her private collection) to steam, lots of my own new pieces to have repaired or cleaned and now the lovely Lynda has sent me her incredible Chanel suit - its the softest wool with amazing buttons and the best shape ever, short pleated skirt and stunning jacket with 3/4 length sleeves...it fits me perfectly and I wish I could keep it - I look so elegant...not really right for my not so elegant lifestyle...New pieces coming with me are: A huge YSL necklace, a mad YSL rainbow knit dress, two beautiful 1930s tiaras, an amazing thick silk velvet Victorian bodice and some amazing early 1900s metallic lace work bodices.... Katherine Higgins and BBC2 are coming to see me on Sunday - they are filming Put Your Money Where Your Mouth is and want to sell me something....hence the hair cut tomorrow...well actually I always have a lot of hair cuts...I tweeted earlier about it: 'slightly defensive reply to question about how much my hair cuts cost: "if you had hair you would understand". Kim is coming again on Sunday to help me - thank goodness - with Fashion Week coming up its always the busiest time and I like to have a quick skip down the Kings Road while I am there - Bristol is a wonderful city but does not have a lot of shops for me (apart from the vintage ones of course!). Did anyone read the VintagExplorer magazine yet? (http://www.vintagexplorer.co.uk/) If you have please take note! My words have been edited (slightly) - if you can spot one or two phrases I would never ever use, let me know.....here is a clue: metro....and dedicated....hum! Love Samaya xxx PS: Do email me for free tickets to Frock Me xxx

Wednesday, January 25

Vintage Cutler and Gross

We had a great time yesterday - sadly Sylvie had to stay home as her little boy had a fever but Louise and I carried on...we hit the (tail) end of the sales in Harvey Nicks, had an amazing lunch, viewed all the amazing vintage frames in Cutler and Gross vintage shop (just around the corner from their Knightsbridge store), met Monica to give her the photoshoot hire pieces and chose my pair of glasses! here they are: http://www.cutlerandgross.com (click sunglasses in collections and mine are the ones in the bottom right hand corner...massive 80s style - perfect!) After a browse around Liberty (tried on the most wonderful suede jumper by Isabel Marant) we finally made it to Battersea Arts centre to The Decorative Antique and Textile Fair - it was beautiful, everything I liked had sold (little red stickers on everything that was no longer available..) apart from a pair of carved angels in their own clouds! wow. I did not even ask the price as I have enough weird furnishings in the house - and now little Rob has started playing ice hockey there are pucks flying about and I will have to put away all my mirrors...Now to help my sister move house and find some new stock! Love Samaya xxx
PS: I really really want a pair of these in black: http://www.isabelmarantboots.com/images/isabel3sneaker.jpg

Monday, January 23

Happy New Year!

To celebrate the end of a hard couple of weeks and Chinese New Year (I am a Dragon so this is MY year!) I am off to London tomorrow to meet with Monica Chong at her Cutler and Gross shop in Knightsbridge - and choose some sunglasses! Very excited as Sylvie and Louise are coming.... afterwards we are going to have lunch and then go and check out the Decorative Antiques and Textiles Fair, at Battersea Arts Centre - http://www.decorativefair.com. It's been a hard few days so I really need a fun day out - sure tomorrow is sort of work but its good good work - not freezing my face off at an outdoor antique fair for days on end...why I booked for January I will never know - it was fun (in a way) and I loved meeting the dealers either side of me - we had a good laugh when we could...in between blasts of mad icy wind and weird customers (sorry customers) - ooh, I did meet a few other wonderful people - including Annie Fewlass - knitwear designer extraordinaire! More about that later..... In amongst all the hard out door work (even my face was chapped) I had some enquiries that took hours, I mean literally over 50 emails back and forth with the same people - and the outcome? Nothing! Crikey, I must be losing my touch. I really suit the nice indoor fairs with music and coffee...and toilets nearby....more soon xxx Love Samaya PS: This mad image is from Liz's blog - it made me laugh a lot as I imagined it was me and her...she being the bigger one wearing the yoke of course xxx she is quite the best of women, brilliant and there are serious insider tips on her blog! check her out: http://thewasherwoman.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, January 11

Happy New 2012!

What a (long) and mostly fabulous holiday - amazing presents (a huge 12 foot trampoline for little Robert - I have been on it a lot, lost a couple of dress sizes but must admit to doing the Dukan too though), a silver and black globe...a carefully crafted photo album from my Sister and tons of nice smelly things. We had a big party on Christmas day...my cousin Leilah (who is offically nuts) asked to bring along a friend, ASBO (I was quite worried but you can't turn people away at Christmas - remember Mary & Joseph?). Anyhow, Asbo turned out to be harmless and quite charming (a few guests were disappointed by this). Things all changed from jolly to very sad on December the 30th. My beautiful, cheeky, amazing and talented Nan died, age 95. I have just returned (yesterday) from her funeral in Scotland - it was a really good ceremony. I know its natural to die when you are very old but I still feel shocked, I was only up to visit Nan earlier in December and she was still the same, just a bit slower perhaps - she told me about dress swapping with Amy Johnson in the 1930s....To shake off the sadness and the long journey home I ran THREE MILES, without a single rest, this morning - I did not even get out of breath! Perhaps I will do the marathon. Now I am off upstairs to get ready for the first Hammersmith vintage fair of 2012 (This Sunday the 15th @ Hammersmith town hall)....Do email me if you'd like a free ticket xx Oh yes! I really need some help with my eye brows (again, the last plucker got carried away) - they are big enough now to shape just like Audrey's - but who to trust?! Do let me know if you know where to go for good bushy brows....Love Samaya XX